New England, welcome to 'Eat Clean Foods Daily'

Here you will find all the information and resources you want in your region. It is easy for some of us and not so easy for others to eat in a 'clean' way without first knowing where you can get clean foods and what the heck are 'clean' foods. Clean foods are the stuff we used to eat 10,000+ years ago. We ate wild fish, pasture-raised and wild animals that only ate what they were supposed to eat. We also ate lots of root vegetables and fruits that gave us the carbs and soluble fiber we needed.

The great news is that in the era we live in, we have the advantage of driving to farms and going to natural food markets that sell organic produce, grass fed meats and wild fish. I will be sharing blogs, recipes and news from the best resources in this lifestyle. So do the best that you can and enjoy the healthy benefits you will get.

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